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Natural Cures in the Field of Alternative Medicine

Natural cure sometimes can be helpful for all of us. Nature is rich in natural cures but we need some knowledge about the benefits of certain medicinal plants and other gifts of nature.

By reading these pages you can learn a lot. In addition, herbal medicine is a useful and inexpensive alternative to many other methods of treatment.

So, this is a place where there are many recipes, natural cures, home remedies and natural treatments. In addition, the medicinal properties and health benefits of popular medicinal plants, a lot of tips for the preservation of natural beauty and proper nutrition. On this website you can find: many natural ways to cure and prevent diseases, how to use the most popular medicinal plants and a variety of other natural methods of treatment.

This is a website for those who love nature, healthy living and proper nutrition. In one word, the best of nature. Just do not forget that the nature is not selfish and we are a part of it. So, be natural...

Our content is based on scientific facts. Modern scientific research confirms the effectiveness of alternative medicine, but before any treatment you have to consult your doctor.

In the left column click on the desired theme about natural cures for various diseases or similar topic.

These tips are provided for informational purposes and do not replace a consultation or treatment provided by a healthcare professional. Natural cures are the best in the service of prevention. Here are many tips for good health. all-natural-cure.com website will share our knowledge with you.

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Japanese Water Therapy

Japanese Water TherapyTreatment with water has great health benefits. Japanese water therapy is well-known from old times. Drinking water is generally very good for health. Water is great sourse of life and it is necessary element for each function in organism. Without water is impossible to imagine bloodstream to work sufficiently or to have healthy kidnies, brain, muscles, nervous system, metabolism, regulation of body temperature, proper functioning of joints, skeletal system or successful elimination of harmful substances. It is quite clear that there is no life without water.

Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and CinnamonHoney and cinnamon have healing benefits, if used separately. The mixture of honey and cinnamon as natural cure is sometimes declared as elixir of health and immortality. It was declared as spiritual food of philosophers and saints for ages, bliss of the spirit and gift from the heavens.

Sometimes it was believed that honey and cinnamon, used in a mixture are able to return eye-sight to the blind persons or even awake dead man. It keeps health in good condition, gives freshness, youth and fertility.

Carrot Juice

Carrot JuiceHere you will learn how to make carrot juice and what are the benefits of carrot juice.

Carrot juice is a very healthy drink. It's the best natural remedy for exhausted body.

The dark orange color of carrot comes from carotene. Carrot is a full of carotene as no other food. Carotene produces vitamin A which provides us a better pigmentation and healthy skin, hair and nails. It also stimulates proper growth, the work of the liver, digestive tract, bowel, strengthens the heart, immunity, improves eye-sight and more.

Health Benefits of Aronia

Siberian AroniaAronia Melanocarpa, also known as chokeberry, originates from North America. It is the berry that is becoming increasingly popular around the globe. This fruit was named Siberian Aronia because it tolerates cold winter and frost down to -45 C.

Aronia is very medicinal herb and the North American Indians used it in feeding as an addition to bread. More importantly, fresh fruits are most often used as a cure for stomach and Aronia tea for healing wounds.

Let's see what says the science of the modern era.

Varicose Veins Treatments

Treatment of varicose veins is not simple and usually it takes a lot of time to achieve good results. This affection starts gradually due to burden blood vessels and poor circulation. If it is not treated in proper way, it can lead to the serious health problems such as thrombosis, open wounds, etc. There are many natural cures that can help in fight against this affection by: improving circulation, prevention or serious treating of varicose veins.

Natural Cures for Prostate Problems

Prostate is male, genital gland with internal secretion that is supposed to be cured on time because of its tendency to morbidity, especially in midlle-to late age period of life.

The most common causes for its illness are: different infections, chronical inflammations of the bladder, urethra, irregular nutrition, excessive consuming of alcohol, soft drinks, hereditary factor etc. The most common forms of this disease are: benevolent enlargement of the gland, inflammation and cancer.

Menopause Natural Remedies

Menopause in women can be very uncomfortable, because it can cause physical and emotional disorders. Reduction of estrogen is the cause of most symptoms of menopause.

Menopause usually occurs between 45 and 55 years. This is the end of menstruation and women can no longer have children. Many women pass comfortably through this period of life, but some still have certain problems.

Natural Cures for Thyroid Disease

First of all, what is thyroid? Thyroid gland has very important and complex role in human body what includes: keeping normal pace of metabolism of all cells. It also affects regular absorption of glucose, synthesis of proteins, frequency of cardiac activity and circulation of blood in organism. In this way, thyroid gland is directly responsible for regular physical and mental development and good overall condition of the body.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis

Arthritis is a set of conditions that together cause damage of joints. It generally refers to inflammation of one or more joints. There are currently more than a hundred types of arthritis. Today, rheumatoid arthritis is the most common form of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis, is a progressive, chronic and autoimmune disease that causes swelling, inflammation and pain in joints and tissues around the joints. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis often have stiff joints and generally feeling ill and tired.

Natural Cures for Sinusitis

Symptoms of acute sinusitis are stuffy nose, enhanced secretion, feel of the burden in the area of sinuses, headache, increased temeprature, pressure in the mouth, the loss of taste, constriction of the eyes. After several days from the beginning of sinusitis feel of exhaustion and tiredness can appear. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are very similar to the acute sinusitis and if they are not treated properly can last for several years. It can produce feeling of discomfort (because of sick condition of patient). In complex situations, it can even cause other complications such as: disorder of centre for balance, deafness, meningitis, etc...

Natural Cures for Cough

1. Syrup of Carrot and Honey for Cough

For the syrup of carrot and honey as natural cure for cough you need to prepare: 1/2kg of carrot and 3-4 spoons of honey. The preparatory needs to be simple: first clean carrot needs to be cutted in pieces and overflowed with water. Boil it up to the soften carrot. When the carrot is in boiled water, mash it with fork or in blender. The water where it is boiled, you should not through away, but use it again (when it get colder); add the honey and unite it with mashed carrot. Keep it in the glass water, in the cold room.

Bronchitis Natural Cures

Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. Always be careful when it appears because bronchitis can become chronic. Therefore it should be treated immediately. For the treatment of bronchitis, it is necessary to expel mucus from the lungs to facilitate the breathing. Here are some natural cures for bronchitis.

Natural Cures for Headaches

Headache appears because of several reasons, and usually the reason is unknown. The most common reasons are fatigue, lack of sleep, poor posture of body and neck, stress, long-term exposure to the wind, draught, problems with eyesight, poisoning with harmful substances, high blood pressure etc. Its for sure that there is no person in the world which did not face with headache even once in life. Strong headaches (especially migraine) can cause qualm and other symptoms of illness.

Natural Remedies For Nerves And Anxiety

If you suffer with nervousness and anxiety try to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms by using of medicinal plants. Some natural remedies for nerves and anxiety can help a lot, especially in some milder forms of disease. Well, take a look.

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