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Ayurveda Indian Medicine

Ayurveda cures the cause of all disease

Ayurveda Indian MedicineAyurveda reveals the causes and cures of diseases that result from an imbalance in the body.

Ayurveda is, by definition, the World Health Organization, the oldest health care system in the world and originated from ancient India. The term Ayurveda has Sanskrit roots and originated from the word "ajus", which means "life", and "veda" , - knowledge or wisdom. The use of Ayurveda held by oral transmission of these skills for thousands of years, and was written 5000 years ago. The World Health Organization has recognized Ayurveda in 1977. as a method of traditional medicine.

Stress disrupts the natural balance (Ayurveda)

Ayurveda believes that all the diseases in the body are due to stress. He leads us to an unhealthy lifestyle that, in the end, seriously damages health.

Essence of Ayurvedic philosophy lies in the belief that nature provides balance, harmony, sustainability and vitality, and that the connection between the human mind and body with the rhythm damaging stress and other negative impacts. Ayurveda seeks to restore and maintain that connection, thus creating balance and health.

The main diagnostic tool in ayurveda is a pulse because it registers the pulses sent by each cell of the body. Because experienced ayurvedic therapist can based on the pulse to detect any disorders in the body and in a few minutes.

According to Indian medicine ayurveda, each person in the pulse is reflected interactive relationship of mind, body and the universe, and by this "reading" we are getting accurate information about how the body adapts to the influence of internal and external environment.

Today in ayurveda is commonly applied triple diagnosis, which includes pulse diagnosis, talk with the patient and visual inspection.

Complete harmony - Health body

Ayurveda believes that nature governed by three basic principles, which are called dosha, while speaking about the energies within the body.
For every person present three dosha: Vata dosha - motion, Pita dosha - energy, and Kapha dosha - structure. Dosha are evenly distributed, and the disruption of their relationship is the first sign of disease and disruption of the balance in the system spirit / body.

To any disease was cured, it is necessary to first remove the cause of the disease, such as improper diet, stress, bad habits... then need to balance the dosha, welding power (Agni), imunosistem (Ride) and waste materials (urine and sweat). Finally, we must to cleanse the body of toxins by special regimes (Panca - karma).
Indian medicine says that the classical treatment of purification of body in ayurveda include massage, sauna, enema and special dietary regimen.

All methods of natural medicine that can be found anywhere in the world originate from Ayurveda, which includes the treatment with colors, exercise, fasting, herbs, minerals, precious stones, metals, sun, wind, water, mud, music therapy, the development of consciousness, mind, life-breath and body... The basic principle of Ayurveda is to balance opposites.

Identity card of Ayurveda

The word " Ayurveda " is a Sanskrit compound of the words " ajus " life and " veda " knowledge.
This oldest and still held, applied health care system in the world originated from ancient India (Ayurveda is Traditional Indian Medicine).
The founder of the Transcendental Meditation program of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi began in 1980 the reconstruction of this ancient knowledge, which is called the Maharishi Ayurveda.
Lovers of Ayurveda are Caroline of Monaco, Michel Pfeiffer, Bianca Jagger, David Lynch...

Ayurvedic rules of healthy living

Go to bed earlier, get up earlier
Brush your teeth and thoroughly clean your tongue
Before breakfast, drink a little warm water, it helps digestion
Apply body oil and let it act for 20 minutes. it relax you
Take a shower alternating hot and cold water
Eat constantly at the same time and do not overeat
Eat fresh meals with more fresh, natural foods, and less "chemistry"
Eat slowly
Once a week cleanse the body of toxins
Move around as much.
Daily separate few minutes to yourself, and listen to your body
Every day finish with the peace, with friendly people in relaxed atmosphere
Relieve yourself from the emotional burden from the past that blocks your health and happy life

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