BLUEBERRY IMPROVES VISION - Blueberry for Eyes - Vaccinium myrtillus

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Blueberry Improves Vision

BlueberryBlueberry (Latin name: Vaccinium myrtillus)

Blueberry is known for its medicinal properties for centuries. Blueberry fruit is rich source of plant pigments, flavonoids that have antioxidant properties. So it can be used to protect capillaries from damage caused by free radicals. These damages are caused by many diseases, example diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, etc.

What is the main property of the Blueberry?

Ability to improve vision. Frequent association is: Blueberry - Eyes. Blueberry improves vascular circulation in the small blood vessels in the eyes, and in general circulation. In this way, blueberries affects the improvement of vision and helps the eye to adapt to the changes of light. Therefore, blueberries are recommended for the sake of improving night vision. Blueberry extract can prevent eye damage in people with diabetes.

Another feature of blueberry is that it can prevent coalescence of blood cells, what reduces the risk of forming blood clots. It is essential for cardiac and cerebral stroke.

Blueberry leaves are used for preventing the formation of uric acid in the urinary tract. It is a good natural cure for the treatment of symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, cramps in the stomach and intestines. Blueberries also are used in the treatment of cough, and represents an important folk medicine against diabetes (so effective that it called "plant insulin").

Blueberry juice is best to rinse the mouth. It also treated gastric and intestinal catarrh and helps with digestion disturbances.

Dried berries can stop diarrhea, especially in young children, while fresh berries act as a mild laxative.

Blueberry as a nutritional supplement:

- Strengthens capillaries and improves the general circulation

- Reduces the risk of the creation and development of atherosclerosis

- Reduces bruising and promotes wound healing

- Improves the function of vision and protect eyes

- Reduces the risk of cataracts and retinopathy

- Reduces the risk of varicose veins and hemorrhoids

- Reduces the risk of forming blood clots

- Improves immunity

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