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Bronchitis Natural Cures

Bronchitis is inflammation of the bronchial mucosa. Always be careful when it appears because bronchitis can become chronic. Therefore it should be treated immediately. For the treatment of bronchitis, it is necessary to expel mucus from the lungs to facilitate the breathing. Here are some natural cures for bronchitis.

The best natural remedy for cleansing the respiratory tract is inhaling. Thus, inhalation of vapors with a towel over your head, usually gives good results. Treatment is more effective if in water is added essential oils.

The essential oils that can help in the treatment of bronchitis are: essential oil of thyme, lavender, cumin, sage, mint, eucalyptus.

At the same time, it is good to drink some of these teas: nettle tea, marshmallow tea, ginseng tea, English plantain tea.

Nature offers us an excellent cure against bronchitis - goose fat, applied to the chest. In addition, goose fat is an excellent natural cure for treatment of respiratory diseases in general.

Then, bay leaves soaked in hot water, applied to the chest, is one of the well known natural remedies for bronchitis too.

Do not forget, since bronchitis is often caused by viruses, lemon juice, orange juice and fresh garlic can be very useful cures that can accelerate the process of treatment.

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