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Anti Candida Diet

If you have Candida, try the specific anti Candida diet to help yourself. So, you need to stop eating products that feed yeast. Candida and diet are highly correlated.

What Not to Eat on a Anti Candida Diet

The most important rule in anti Candida diet is: AVOID SUGAR.

Sugar should not be used either as an addition to coffee or tea. All the foods that we eat have to be without sugar. If you eat something with sugar, then the anti Candida diet makes no sense.

1. So, avoid white sugar, yellow sugar, honey and other foods that contain sugar, like cakes, cookies, chocolates and other sweets.

2. Then, avoid fruits because it contain sugar. From the fruits is allowed only lemon, grapefruit and orange, in moderate quantities.

3. Avoid all kinds of mushrooms.

4. Yeasts and yeast-containing products, such as baked goods, beer, vinegar, etc. are undesirable in anti Candida diet.

5. Meat products, barbecue and conserved products should be excluded from the diet.

6. Cheese, milk and dairy products should be excluded. From dairy products some experts recommend only yogurt with appropriate cultures.

7. Foods rich in starch.

8. Coffee, alcohol, black tea.

After this list of undesirable foods you wonder what to eat at all, but there is a solution.

What to Eat on a Anti Candida Diet

1. Fresh vegetables and cooked vegetables, like: cabbage, kale, broccoli, carrots, celery, cake, parsley, lettuce, garlic, etc...

2. Whole grains. Particular rye, barley and oats.

3. Then, bread without yeast.

4. Fish and Seafood.

5. Poultry meat and game meat.

6. Miso and tofu.

7. Chicken soup with vegetables.

8. Olive oil.

9. All of spice herbs.

10. Grapefruit and lemon.

Note: With this kind of anti Candida diet obligatory to use the medicines prescribed by a doctor.

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