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Coconut Oil Curative Effects

Coconut oilCoconut oil has remarkable curative effects.
Coconut oil is different from most of the fats used for feeding because it primarily consists of medium chain fatty acids, which mostly contains breast milk. This acids give a lot of energy and balance the metabolism. They affecting better use of useful substances (minerals, vitamins) from other food, so that adding coconut oil in food is the same as adding vitamin and mineral supplements.

Coconut oil can be used for food preparation as well as all other oils, because it has a pleasant taste and a mild odor.

Coconut oil helps to regulate body weight - Coconut oil actually has fewer calories than any other fat. But there is one more important reason why it helps to regulate body weight. More important is the fact that coconut oil creates a feeling of satiety, much better than any other fat, and probably better than any other food. When you add the coconut oil in the meal, you can saturate quickly and not become hungry between meals.

Coconut oil boosts metabolism - This oil has the opportunity to raise your metabolism to a higher level. When metabolism becomes stronger, the body burns calories faster. One study showed that after consuming coconut oil metabolism increased by 48 percent in patients with an average weight, while in obese people increased energy consumption for incredible 65 percent.

It may seem strange that the saturated fat burns fat, but it is the real truth. Two serious studies claim that two tablespoons of coconut oil daily reduces the amount of fat that is found in the field of waist within a maximum of three months.

In addition, coconut have always been used for the treatment of wounds. Coconut accelerates re-epithelialization and enhances the activity of antioxidants. Then, coconut oil speeds up recovery from sunburn.

Researchers have come to the conclusion that coconut oil might be useful during the treatment of fungal diseases. Most infamous kind of Candida, Candida albicans, has proven to be the most susceptible.

Coconut milk (which is an integral part of coconut oil) is an excellent natural remedy against ulcers.

Coconut oil helps against inflammation, it has analgesic properties and reduces fever.

It has been shown that coconut oil reduces oxidative stress within the bones, and thus prevent structural damage of the bones with osteoporosis.

Coconut oil blocks 30 percent of UV rays, so that you can use it as a sunscreen.

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