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Elderberry - Sambucus Nigra

ElderberryElderberry (Latin name: Sambucus Nigra) ripens in June. It has white flowers. They are later transformed into green berries that ripen in June, too. At the end of maturing green berries become red and almost black.

Elderberry is a medicinal plant from which you can make juice, tea and many other herbal medicines. Medicinal parts of the plant are leaves, flowers and berries. The leaves of Elderberry are harvested in April and May. The flowers in the time of flowering and berries during seed maturation. For tea are used exclusively flowers, without pedicle. Elderberry has a very useful berries that can be used fresh or dried.

Therapeutic Properties of Elderberry

Concretely, plant elderberry is used for problems with the containment of fluids that causes high blood pressure. Juice and tea from Elderberry stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body and slightly lowers blood pressure. The best effect is achieved if you drink it in combination with parsley, in the proportion of 1:1. Drink three times a day, one cup of tea, before each of meals.

The leaves of elderberry are very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids. It is necessary to mashed fresh leaves, then cook them in milk, until the mixture becomes like porridge. This balm applied to hemorrhoids, especially in the case of bleeding.

A few drops of elderberry tea eliminates earache (pain from earache). In this case, the tea needs to be lukewarm.

In addition, elderberry tea is used for treatment of diabetes, the blood-cleansing, treatment of colds, cough, influenza, bronchitis, difficult breathing, asthma, initial pneumonia, severe rhinitis, scarlet fever, initial tuberculosis, and all rheumatic diseases.

Elderberry flowers have a strong and very pleasant smell, so that the elderberry juice is a great drink for the purpose the general pleasure. It is particularly suitable during the summer period because of its refreshing effect.

The juice of fresh elderberry berries is used in the treatment of neuralgia trigerninusa (neurlagija facial nerve), for the regulation of bowel movement, blood-cleansing, calming abdominal cramps, improving blood circulation and appetite. Because fully ripe berries contain high levels of vitamin B. Elderberry berries are cooked like a compote or jam, too.

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