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Natural Cures for Bloating and Gas


Anise is useful natural cure for stomach bloating and gas.

Beside this, you should know that it strengthen maw, soothes spasms in stomach, relieves from digestion problems, purifies blood and strengthen nerves. Anis purifies lungs from slime, kidnies, bladder, maw, strengthen digestion organs, regulates irregular menstruation and relieves from insomnia.


Folk medicine recommends sweet celery root for the treatment of bloating and gases in the stomach.

Celery helps in treating rheumatism, dropsy, flatulence, gout, fatness, pain in chests that are connected with feel of fear, catarrh of the lungs, weakness of the maw, loss of appetite and problems that are caused because of lack of necessary materials in organism. Beside all this, celery is useful natural remedy for blood cleansing and helps in blood circulation.


Yarrow used in the form of tea, can also helps to get rid of bloating and gases in the stomach.

In addition, it helps to improve appetite, food absorption and calms stomach discomfort.


Lemon balm is an excellent natural cure for any kind of heart disease. It soothes nerves, strengthen heart and purifies blood.

Lemon balm is recommended in the treatment of hysteria, hypochondria, disturbances in menstruation, cramps, particularly those associated with menstruation, stomach bloating, gas, intestinal cramps, diarrhea and upset stomach, vomiting on the neural basis of some forms of asthma and depressive states. Especially recommended for pregnant women who suffering from vomiting. Lemon balm tea sweetened with honey unusually has a beneficial effect of insomnia caused by fatigue or nervous disease. Lemon balm tea refreshes and relieves physical and mental fatigue.

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