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Natural Cures for Cough

Syrup of Carrot and Honey for Cough

For the syrup of carrot and honey as natural cure for cough you need to prepare: 1/2kg of carrot and 3-4 spoons of honey. The preparatory needs to be simple: first clean carrot needs to be cutted in pieces and overflowed with water. Boil it up to the soften carrot. When the carrot is in boiled water, mash it with fork or in blender. The water where it is boiled, you should not through away, but use it again (when it get colder); add the honey and unite it with mashed carrot. Keep it in the glass water, in the cold room.

Syrup from carrot prepared in this way reduces the cough. You need to take it everyday, 3-4 spoons.

Dandelion Honey and Cough

The honey of dendelion as natural cure is efficient against cough. To prepare this natural cure take: 250 flowers of dendelion, 2 lemons, 1 orange, 1kg sugar and 1 liter of water.

Preparation: In 1 l of water add the lemon and the orange cutted in pieces together with dendelion, than boil it all together for 2 hours. After that strain it, thick part through away, and liquid boil for another half an hour. Than add sugar and boil it up to the density of the honey (or similar to that density).

Dendelion honey pour in glass jars and close with cellophane. To successfully suppresses the cough take one spoon of honey, 3 times per day.

Onion Tea for Cough

Onion tea is probably the eldest natural cure for cough, very well-known.

Preparation: 3 pieces of onion, middle-sized (together with shell) first need to be washed. Cut each piece into 4 smaller pieces and put it in boiled water, until the 1/3 of the water evaporates. When evaporation is finished, the onion needs to be thrown away. Drink prepared tea during the day, slowly in small sips.

If this taste is not proper for someone, a tea prepared only from shells of the onion as natural cure will be proper replacement.

Tea of Onion Shells against Cough

Preparation: One hand full of shells of onion need to be boiled in 1/2 liter of water. Keep it for 10 minutes intact, strain it and drink it in ordinary way, after that, several cups per day.

Tea of Coltsfoot for Cough

Tea of coltsfoot is particularly useful for persistent cough, usually just after cold and flu. It has beneficial effect on cough and make easiness of discharge of mucus.

Preparation: The tea of coltsfoot can be prepared in simple way: one spoon full of the dried leaves of coltsfoot needs to be overflowed with 250ml of boiled water. After several minutes stir it and drink (2-3 cups per day).

Syrup of Orange for Dry Cough

One orange needs to be well cleaned and cut it in very small pieces together with its shell. Then, put it in proper vessel, add 2 spoons of sugar and overflow it with 1dl of water. Boil it until it get thicken (usually for half an hour).

Take syrup of orange as natural remedy every time when dry cough appears, 1 spoon of the syrup.

Ginger and Honey for Cough

Ginger tea with honey is probably the most popular home remedy for the treatment of cough in the USA.

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