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Herpes Natural Remedies

What is Herpes?

Herpes is painful skin disease.

The figures show that millions of people around the world suffering from herpes.
Herpes virus is located in the nerve endings and causes a painful pimples with a burning sensation and itching. May occur, and other symptoms: fatigue, fever and headache. Note that the painful pimples are often located in the oral area, the genital area and also on the eyelid. Herpes virus is highly contagious, especially in contact with the skin.

Herpes is often triggered when person is going through a strong emotional or physical stress. Although for some it will be due to excessive exposure to the sun or during menstruation for women.

Let's see what are the natural remedies that will suit to combat the herpes:

So if you tend to be prone to this problem, at a sensitive time, take 1/2 teaspoon of echinacea extract liquid, 3 times daily for up to 10 days.

And think about taking garlic which is, again, a very powerful anti-virus.

When you notice the beginning of herpes, place an ice cube on the area where it wants to grow, because sometimes this is enough to stop its development.

Well known natural herpes cures that work:

1. Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is excellent natural remedy for herpes (especially in the case of skin inflammation). Make a strong brew - 2 tablespoons of dried calendula in 1 cup (2dL) of boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes, then apply to the infected place, repeatedly during the day.
With this infusion, you can also rinse your mouth for disinfection.

2. Apply wet clay dough on the skin. It absorbs toxins, cleans and repairs the skin. Remember that, it must be removed when dry.

3. Try essential oils: 2 drops of grapefruit seed + 1 drop of tea tree, mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil or sunflower oil, to avoid irritating the skin. Use in the morning and evening to the affected area (but not to put too close to the eyes). These essential oils are very effective natural remedies for herpes.

4. Consume yeast. It increases the production of white blood cells that fight against the virus, but also accelerates the repair of nerve cells and skin cells and eliminates toxins such as urea.

5. Drink a detoxifying herbal tea is also very good. For example, nettle tea, hawthorn berry tea (well-known Chinese herb), chrysanthemum flower tea (another famous Chinese herb). Turmeric, cockle, burdock and dandelion root are also well reputed for detoxification.

6. It may sound too simple, but if you suffer from herpes eat apples in any form, because they are full of vitamins. They help us to strengthen our immune defense and protect the body's cells. They promote urinary excretion, too.

All of these natural remedies are published here to help you heal herpes. Good Luck.

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