Natural Cures for High Triglycerides - Onion for Triglycerides Recipe - How to Get Rid of High Triglycerides

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Natural Cures for High Triglycerides

First of all, what are high triglycerides?

Triglycerides are a type of lipid, or fat, in our body. They give us energy for the body to function normally. If we have an excess of triglycerides, they will be stored in our body and than we have the risk of heart disease. This problem is greater in combination with high bad cholesterol.

How to get rid of high triglycerides in the blood can be difficult question and usually request painstakingly and persistant treatment. That is why the best treatment against high triglycerides is to invest in prevention with regular nutrition and good nutrition habits. There are several natural cures for high triglycerides.

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Cornelian Cherries for High TriglyceridesNatural Cure for High Triglycerides Recipe I - Cornelian Cherries:

Overflow 1 kg of Cornelian Cherries with 1 l of Comova brandy. Leave it for 40 days intact and strain it than. Drink one small cup of this natural cure for high triglycerides every morning, before breakfast.

Onion for High TriglyceridesNatural Cure for High Triglycerides Recipe II - Onion:

Every evening before sleep, soak one small onion that is cutted previously, in 1.5 dl of water. You need to cut onion and to allow onion juices to squeeze into water - the best way is to cut it in two unique pieces. Second day, throw onion away and drink the liquid where it stood, before breakfast. This natural treatment repeat every day, 6 weeks.

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