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Natural Remedies
For Nerves And Anxiety

If you suffer with nervousness and anxiety try to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms by using of medicinal plants. Some natural remedies for nerves and anxiety can help a lot, especially in some milder forms of disease. Well, take a look.

Ashwaganda is a good remedy for nerves and anxiety. This plant is a natural sedative that also can improve sleep quality.

Valerian is used in cases of general anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and related mental health problems.

Melissa is a plant known for centuries for its soothing properties which is also used for enhanced nervous tension, anxiety, depression, as well as against nervous fatigue.

Lavender shows mild sedative properties, and could be used as a tea or essential oil. Pleasant smell of this plant produces a special atmosphere that relaxes the nerves.

Kava-kava is especially used on Pacific Islands as an excellent natural remedy for anxiety. It can also cause a mild euphoria. Lately, it is more and more used around the world.

Chamomile tea is an old and checked natural agent for relaxation. Since chamomile has a mild and harmless effect it is recommended for the treatment of insomnia in children.

St. John's Wort oil is recommended against tension and mild depression.

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