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Natural Cures for Sinusitis

Symptoms of acute sinusitis are stuffy nose, enhanced secretion, feel of the burden in the area of sinuses, headache, increased temeprature, pressure in the mouth, the loss of taste, constriction of the eyes. After several days from the beginning of sinusitis feel of exhaustion and tiredness can appear. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are very similar to the acute sinusitis and if they are not treated properly can last for several years. It can produce feeling of discomfort (because of sick condition of patient). In complex situations, it can even cause other complications such as: disorder of centre for balance, deafness, meningitis, etc...

That's why serious treatment and regular healing are very important: cold, flu, all other infections of respiratory organs that can cause sinusitis. However let's see, how to cure sinusitis naturally?

Horseradish for Sinusitis

Horseradish probably is the best known natural cure for sinusitis. There are a lot of stories about preparations of this type of treatment. Here are two recepies, one as compress and the other as syrup.

The Compress for Sinusitis

In the bottle of half of the liter, put grated horseradish and fill it up to the top with wine vinegar. It is supposed to be closed and kept in the warm room for 10 days with often shaking. Usage: breathe every hour over the opened bottleneck for 5 minutes.

In the evening, pour the liquid on the fabric and keep it on the forehead and nape, during the night. Lay without the pillow. The therapy lasts for 5 days.

Natural Syrup for Sinus Infections

You should grind in small pieces and make mixture of: 50 gr of horseradish, 20 gr of ginger, 20 gr of chicory and one spoon of cinnamon. Pour the mixture in the glass jar and hermetically close it. Shake the jar after that in period of 10 days. You should keep the jar near the hot, heat source. Use this syrup every morning, half an hour before breakfast - take one spoon of this mixture.

Sea and Sun - Natural cure for sinus infection

The sea and the sun are a great natural cures for sinuses infection. For home made purposes, you can dissolve refined sea salt in the destilated water and instill it in the nose several times per day.

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