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Natural Cures for the Heart
and Blood Vessels

The level of condition and health in our body in most cases depends on ourselves, our nutrition and way of life. Here will be listed several natural cures as prevention for the heart and blood vessels.

Which natural cure decreases and increases blood pressure, what cleares the blood and blood vessels, which natural remedy regulate level of good or bad cholesterol, which herbs strengthen the heart?

Hawthorn - There is widely spreaded story about hawthorn, as one of the most valuable and most effective natural cures for the heart. Hawthorn strengthen and regulates heart function. Beside this, hawthorn is used for long period of time as good regulator of blood pressure, it can lower blood pressure if it is high or raise low blood pressure, in cases of weakened heart muscle. It is good in helpiing damaged heart muscle in the late age of life, in the cases of inflammation of heart muscle, helps in healing clogged blood vessels and when angina pectoris appears.

Mistletoe - If mistletoe as natural cure is professionally prepared in small amounts, it represents the most pressure regulator of blood pressure, condition of heart, circulation, metabolism, hormonal disorder and a lot of other proccesses in the organism. Mistletoe is natural cure for headaches, dizziness, spasm, anxiety, heart problems, angina pectoris attacts, arteriosclerosis, fatigue, fear, loss of will etc. It clears blood and helps in noices in ears.

Primula - Soothens the heart.

Lemon Balm - Protects and strengthen heart, purifies blood.

Parsley - Strengthen the heart muscle. It has a lot of vitamin C which reduces risk from heart diseases, stroke and arteriosclerosis.

Barley - Reduces level of cholesterol in blood and helps in prevention by the cardiovascular illness.

Flax Seed - Naturally reduces level of bad cholesterol in the blood what is important for prevention of heart disease and blood vessels.

Walnuts - Regulate the level between good and bad cholesterol and prevent the beginning of thrombus in blood vessels.

Almond - Is especially good natural cure for the heart disease, rich with vitamin E, good fats, monosaccharidies and polysaccharidies. Almond is good antioxidant and has strong effect in prevention of arteriosclerosis.

Apple - Reduces formation of blood clots and raises lower blood pressure.

Garlic - This well-known natural remedy is efficient and powerful in cases of lower blood pressure, if it is high.

Olive oil, salmon, oat flakes, avocado and pulses (lentil plant, bean...) as natural cures also have beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

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