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Egg white for warts

Egg white is excellent natural cure for warts. It helps to dry and drop warts off. To achieve good result, it is recommended to apply egg white several times per day over the warts. Also, it is good to protect place of the body where warts are positioned from touches in a way to enable egg white to stand on the skin for longer period of time. This process needs to be repeated several times until warts totally disappear. The time needed depends on size of the wart and place where it is positioned. One egg white can be used for longer period of time; it needs to be protected from influence of the air, not to allow to lose moisture. The best way is to cover the place of the body with warts with one plastic bag.

Sea water for warts

Sea water is possible the best natural cure for warts. It is also very good for many other skin diseases such as wound healing or something similar. Salt, iodine and minerals consisted in sea water can dramatically help in drying warts. For successful removal warts from the body by using sea water is recommended to use this natural cure as long as possible. Positive result probably will appear very soon. For longer stay on the beach, near sea water, is recommended to soak several handkerchief in the sea water and keep it on the place of the body, covered with warts. Assumption says that required period of time, necessary for total recover, is around 10 days.

Propolis for warts

Propolis is a next natural cure for warts. Propolis should to be gently applied over warts. Paste a patch after it, to disable air to enters the wart. Keep a patch for 2-3 days on the skin and repeat the whole process several times, until the warts and its root totally disappear. In the meanwhile, it is recommended to erase surface of the wart, to allow propolis to work effectively.

Castor oil for warts

Apply the castor oil over the warts, once in the morning and once in the evening, until they totally disappear.

Dandelion for warts

The juice made out from leaves and flowers of dandelion should be applied gently over the warts every day. Warts will possibly get dark colour after this treatment and drop off the skin soon after it, leaving skin without scars.


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