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Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea probably originates from Indonesia. For centuries it has been grown all over Asia, especially in India and China. In comparison to other nations and types of tea, Chinese people by far drink exactly this type of tea. Herbal medicine promotes in a large degree therapeutic properties of green tea, so that it has become favourite potion not only for enjoying, but also for curing, as a natural remedy for body cleansing. Green tea actually has many health benefits. Except that, it is especially recommended as weight loss product.

Green tea is made of dried and non-fermented Camellia smensis leaves. It has mild sour taste and can extremely contribute to the maintenance of good health. Chinese medicine claims that green tea is able to influence positively any part of human organism. It contains vitamins C and E, minerals, antioxidants, catechins and caffeine.

The level of caffeine in green tea variates and depends on various elements, for example: the place on which the plant was grown (in sun or in cool place), from which part of the plant were leaves picked (from the top of the plant or from the lower part), the time when the leaves were picked, etc. In any case, green tea contains much less caffeine than coffee, it contains the exact amount that is necessary as a stimulus.

Scientific research has confirmed that regular consumption of green tea could decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart and blood vessel disease) and reduces the risk of cancer. As it contains caffeine, it has a stimulating effect on many vital organs in human body.

According to the Japanese experts' research, green tea extends the life of the people who suffer from specific kind of disease. It refreshes organism successfully, lifts the mood and stimulates circulation. It is extremely good antioxidant, so it delays aging process. It is used for body detox, acne treatment and as a natural slimming supplement.

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is natural antioxidant which regulates digestion, melts body fat and increases the level of vigilance. So, if you have eaten too much greasy food or too many sweets, a cup of green tea will reduce harmful consequences of a high calorie meal. Catechine is the most responsible for that, as it stimulates degradation of the unwanted body fat. So, we can conclude that green tea stimulates weight loss.

Research have shown that individuals who drink green tea regulary burn 6% more calories on daily basis than people who don't consume it. And it's not all. It supresses appetite by having in control the level of insulin, which means that the bood glucose level is stable so the organism needs less sweets. With regular consumption we can lose one kilo per month. At the same time, it stimulates the excretion of harmful substances, so it makes the skin smooth and firm, and also, it helps in reducing cellulite. This process is especially effective in combination with practicing some physical activity. In addition, green tea increases the body endurance by 25%. If you have a digestion issues, then drink a mug of green tea with few lemon drops added.

It is not recommended to drink green tea with sugar added, as it reduces the healing properties of green tea.
How to prepare green tea: Pour 0,2 l of hot water over one teaspoon of herb or over one tea filter bag. Cover the mug and let it stay three to eight minutes. Strain and drink while it's hot.

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