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True Facts about Medicinal Plants

The use of medicinal plants is the best natural therapy for the treatment of many diseases.

There are herbalists who claim that the medicinal plants can to cure all diseases.

Phytotherapy (the science of treatment with the help of medicinal plants) is old, as the history of human civilization.

The use of herbal teas and natural balms is less harmful than chemical means for the treatment of diseases.

Many famous medicinal plants are actually very powerful medicines.

Medicinal plants are the first medicines that the man had with him.

Today, they form the basis of many modern drugs.

Many plants do not cost anything but it helps a lot.

The use of medicinal plants started before 16,000 years.

Prior to 5000 years old Babylonians were making herbal pills in combination with clay.

After that, China started to develop herbal medicine and these insights are very useful to this day.

600 years p.n.e. Greek philosopher Pythagoras taught his disciples how to be treated with the help of herbs.

Prescription for Herbal face cream that still forms the basis of all modern cream, originated 1800 years ago. It was written by the Roman physician Galen.

Around the world, everyday science makes various researches on the topic: Medicinal properties of medicinal plants.

Today it is used about 10,000 different kinds of plants and phytotherapy is becoming more popular.

More and more people are returning to the natural food and prefer to use natural medicines.

Medicinal plants will always have an important place in our lives.

Some Very Popular Medicinal Plants

If you are wondering: What is the best herb?

The following question is: For which disease?

So, here are some answers:

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba - The best herb for the brain.


Garlic - One of the best natural remedies in the world.


Echinacea - Most popular plant for immune system.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera - One of the most effective medicinal plants for the treatment of many diseases.

Black cumin

Black cumin - There is a saying: "Black cumin cures every disease, except death!"


Blueberry - The best herb for the eyes.

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