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Natural Cures for Allergies

The exact reasons for beggining of allergies are still not explored, but what is for sure is that this unpleasant phenomenon is better to be treated in prevention than to be healed. Allergies appear as a result of wrong response of immune system on certain substances which are harmless in any other cases. There are many assumptions why this happens. Laboratory analysises are not sure at all which problem cause allergies. Anyhow, allergies are firstly manifested in form of inflammation, than it causes hives, scrab, pricking, blush on the skin or eyes, cold, cough or even asthma.

Human organism can manifest allergy on almost everything in the nature. The most wide spreaded type is so-called season allergic rhinitis that is caused because of pollen (flower powder) in time when plants flourish, and is manifested as inflammation of nasal mucosa. Knowing that there are not too many efficient products against allergies, it is good to know which natural cures are good for allergies and can prevent or even lessen symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

For suppresion of allergies are necessary: blocking antibodies which can be produced by intake of small doses of allergens which cause allergy, in fact. Modern medicine carries out immunotherapy by the injections which allow persons to have smaller allergic reactions by the next touch with allergen. Similar to this, natural immunotherapy or natural cure for allergy on pollen can be everyday consumption of one spoon of honey, several weeks before blossoming of flowers. The explanation lies in fact that honey contains small amounts of pollen that can prepare organism on time for meeting between organism and allergen and in this way lessen reaction of organism.

How to Cure Allergy Naturally

Even though, if allergy still appears, it is recommended to take as much as possible food rich with vitamin C in the aim to lessen the symptoms of allergy. It is not bad to know that apples and green tea are very good natural cures for the tretment of allergy, increases good effect of vitamin C.

Onion and garlic strengthen immunity of organism and they can lessen the secretion from the nose and allergic rhinitis. Last few years, cold-pressed oil of onion is recommended as natural cure for allergies accros the Spain.

Ginseng also improves immunity and it is recommended to drink one cup of ginseng tea per day.

To eliminate pollen from nostrils, it is good to rinse nasal cavities with water and small amount of dissolved sea salt.

At the end, do not forget to repress symptoms of allergic rhinitis by the inhalation with hot tea of sage and chamomile. It is possible to increase good effects with added several drops of essential oil of rosemary and eucalyptus.

There are some natural cures for allergies, although nature certainly has much more good and useful substances.

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