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Natural Cures for Headaches

Headache appears because of several reasons, and usually the reason is unknown. The most common reasons are fatigue, lack of sleep, poor posture of body and neck, stress, long-term exposure to the wind, draught, problems with eyesight, poisoning with harmful substances, high blood pressure etc. Its for sure that there is no person in the world which did not face with headache even once in life. Strong headaches (especially migraine) can cause qualm and other symptoms of illness.

Natural remedies are harmless unlike the chemically produces assets against the pain in head, and here will be listed several natural cures, recipes and tips well-known for ages for the treatment of headaches.

Potato - The first place belongs to the one of the oldest recepies of natural remedies for headaches. Take cutted potato and use it for rubbing of forehead and temples. When the potato get dry, the headache should stop.

Cabbage - The compress of cabbage as natural cure can also help in case of headaches. For this type of treatment of headache, first you need to knead one big piece of cabbage (to allow juices to appear) and put it on the forehead. This type of compress is rich with ions of kalium and has beneficial effect in normalisation of vascular tone.

Garlic - If this do not help, try another natural cure: knead several pieces of garlic. Put it the on the piece of fabric and keep it on the forehead and temples. The garlic needs to be in the conntact with the skin. Usually, it takes around 15 minutes to remove the headaches.

St. John's Wort Tea - St. John's Wort tea can be very effective cure for headaches, esecially if the headache is caused by the stress, teen or bad temper. You need to take one spoon of cantarion and overflow it with one cup of boiled water. After 10 minutes strain it and drink slowly in small sips during the day.

Rosemary and Black Tea - The tea of rosemary and black tea as natural cures are also very good in treating headaches. It can be prepared in the same way as the tea of cantarion, but you need to drink it while the tea is warm.

Coffee and Lemon - As natural cure can be used in the treatment of headaches too. Take one cup of black coffee with added lemon.

Ginger and Lemon - The tea of ginger with added juice from 1/2 of lemon lessen the characteristic symptoms of migraine such as headaches and qualm.

Water - Sometimes even just cold water can ease the pain. The persons which do not take enough water during the day can have headaches due to dehydration. In this case, they need to drink 1.5l of water during the day, to compensate the lack of liquid in the body and the problem will probably disapear.

Warm Bath - If the headache appear as a result of hard mental or emotional stress, warm bath will be helpfull or even immersion of feet in hot water for just 15 minutes. If you add the lavender oil in the water for immersion of feet, the muscles will relax, the blood will circulate faster and the problem with headaches can be solved. Add several drops of lavender on fabric and breathe it several times.

Massage - Massage can also help to eliminate headaches. You need to massage nose bone several times between eyes, as well as place in near of temples. The massage of the shoulders, neck and nape will fix the circulation and make much better overall body feeling. The effect of massage will be even better, if you add the mint oil on the place of the body which will be treated with massage.

This is our list of most popular natural remedies for headaches, so you can try.

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