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Oregano Oil

Oregano OilFrom old times, oregano oil as natural cure is well-known because of its good effect on health. It is also well-known that people from Vavilon especially appreciated oil of oregano and used it for the treatment of lung and heart diseases.

Let's see the most common health benefits of oregano oil. Today, oregano oil belongs to the most powerful natural remedies with antiseptic and antibiotic effect. To believe or not, contemporary researches gain the conclusion that oregano oil is equally efficient remedy against many infections as well as modern antibiotics - sometimes even stronger. This oil is effective in fight against 25 different bacteries, fungus and parasites. Here will be mentoined only the best known: Staphylococci, Eserihia Colli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Listeria, Candida fungus. It is not hard to conclude that oregano oil is excellent in prevention against cold and flu.

It is important to know that here will be mentoin oregano oil produced from leaves of wild oregano. It is not the same oregano that we use to take as obligatory spice for pizza and many other mediterranean meals. Wild oregano grows on high altitude (1500-2000m) and can not be used as spice.

How to Use Oregano Oil

Candida fungus usually causes nail diseases and can be cured if previously cleaned and dried nails immerse into oregano oil for a minute or two, twice a week, several days in a raw. After that, 3 times per day, in a period of six months, oregano oil needs to be applied (2-3 drops of it).

Oregano oil will heal irritated skin or itch on the skin. Apply several drops of oregano oil on those places. For persons with sensitive skin is recommended to use oregano oil previously diluted with olive oil or some other type of oil.

For fight against pimples and acne, it is recommended to add a drop or two of oregano oil in high quality face cleaner (tonic of roses without alcohol, for example).

Note: Since the high quality oregano oil is very strong, it is recommended to be careful for making proper dose for oral use. Follow strictly the producers or doctors advices which have obligation to point out the facts about proper dose and proper way of usage.

The oil of wild oregano shouldn't be used by persons that suffer from lack of iron in organism because it can lead up to the reduced absorption in the body, persons with high blood pressure, patients that suffer from hearth diseases, pregnant woman and breastfeed woman.

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