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Reiki - A Touch that Heals

Reiki touch therapyReiki is a traditional method of healing by touch, which eliminates stress, improves mood, boosts immunity, activates all the defense forces. Because the treatment is performed by laying hands on the patient's body, Reiki is also called touch therapy. That touch, say those who have had the opportunity to feel it, cures soul and body.

This spiritual-energy technique, originates from the Far East. Touch therapy is used for physical and emotional health improvement and personal improvement. Reiki, in fact, can help you stay attentive in stressful situations such as exams, job interviews or public appearances.

Reiki Treats Energy

Touch therapy improves the operation of all functions of the body and leads to a state of general harmonization of the physical, mental and emotional level. In other words, Reiki is a touch that heals.

Reiki access to energy, not the diagnosis, so that classical medical history here is not necessary. The treatment is carried out along the energy centers, so-called chakras. There are a number of scientific research in the field of medicine and quantum physics which prove that all beings on the planet are interconnected energy systems, who striving to establish harmony with the vibrations of the universe and to bring ourselves into harmony with nature. Reiki therapist helps the patient to come in harmony with nature by treating the chakra on his body.

Our energy balance is usually disturbed by the negative predictions, anxiety and restlessness.

Anyone who thinks "here and now" is largely protected. His energy potential knows that 90 percent of the most common fears and worries never happen in reality. The first energy blockages occur at the mental level. This is a mental pain. The consequences of that pain is moving in the emotional, mental and physical level, so that a physical disease occurs even before the manifest. Reiki method helps our body to get rid of that negative memory. Therefore, touch therapy has the ability to balance our energy.

It is scientifically proven that Reiki can reduce pain, increase the production of antibodies and to accelerate the growth and multiplication of healthy cells. This method is most efficient for the establishment of emotional balance. Reiki is useful for psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, headaches, high pressure, diseases of the thyroid gland. Reduces stress, improves sleep, regulates appetite, accelerates the process of wound healing, heals sterility.

Reiki energy has been recorded many times, the first time in America at the Department of Natural Sciences, "Stanford University". The footage clearly shows the state of the energy channels. The energy channel that before the treatment was gray, after treatment becomes bright, yellow, red.

5 Reiki Principles

Living without worry
Living without anger
Living with gratitude
Work and be dedicated - at work and at themselves
Living with good intentions at heart, and transmit them through friendly words

Identity Card of Reiki

Reiki is a spiritual-energy technique that helps to remove energy blockages that cause mental or physical problems
The creator of Reiki is a Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui
The Ministry of Health officially recognized Reiki as a method for improving health
Reiki in literal translation means universal or divine energy ("Rei" - the divine, "Ki" - energy)

7 Effects of Reiki Treatments

Reduces stress and pain
Reduces the amount of drugs
Improves sleep
Regulates appetite
Speeds up the process of healing of wounds
Reduces the side effects of radiation, anesthesia, chemotherapy...
Heals high pressure, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalance, infertility

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