Smells to lose weight - Powerful messages to the brain as a part of aromatherapy

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Smells to Lose Weight

Smells to Lose WeightYes, smells can be used as therapeutic agents or to act on our mood or behavior. Smells send powerful messages to the brain. It is a part of aromatherapy.

Studies conducted by Alan Hirsch, MD Treatment of Smell and Taste Research Foundation in Chicago have also shown that the aroma given off by some fruits promote weight loss by acting either on the satiety center or in some cases by increasing the rate metabolism. Participants in these studies lost up to 18 kg in a month.

How it works?

The smell is captured by the many nerve receptors located in the nose.
These receptors send signals to the olfactory bulb.
When the olfactory bulb is stimulated, it sends the signal to the satiety center located in the hypothalamus.
This signal may be received as pleasant or unpleasant.
Then sends the hypothalamus, in turn, a message to the rest of the body.
According to the sensation caused by the smell, the hypothalamus sends a signal to the pituitary gland. It will produce hormones that stimulate feeling of satiety.

To lose weight, Dr. Hirsch advises the smell of the following fruits:

1. Cranberry
2. Prickly pear
3. Pineapple
4. Strawberry (while making a very light exercise, the rate of metabolism is stimulated)

Well, we can see that smells to lose weight are very pleasant smells.

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