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Tomato Juice

Tomato JuiceTomato in the diet favorably affects our health. This plant contains so much useful substances. It is rich in minerals and contains provitamin A. Tomato can be prepared in many ways, therefore it is an essential part of a healthy diet. One way is tomato juice.

Tomato juice is truly a super food.

Tomato juice stimulates digestion because it increases secretion of gastric juices. It is a good natural remedy for bowel movements, and an excellent remedy for people who suffer from hemorrhoids and constipation.

Thanks to its powerful antioxidant - betacarotene, and lycopene which slows down aging, this red drink keeps us from cancers, which have been proven by experts from Harvard.

Pigment lycopene prevents the occurrence of breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer and stomach cancer. Tomato juice also reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, so it is useful for protecting the blood vessels.

In addition, tomato contains tomarin, a substance that acts as an herbal antibiotic.

And that's not all. The health benefits of tomato juice are truly great.

Macro and microelements, contained in tomato juice, have positive effect on our cells. These substances regulate work of enzymes, and improve bonding of iron in red blood cells.

Another important information for men, tomato juice has a very beneficial effect on prostate.

This curative and healthy drink contains significant amounts of potassium, induces the secretion of excess water from the body. It is therefore recommended for people who suffer from rheumatism, inflammation of joints, gout, kidney stones.

Then, tomato juice stimulates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure, because it dilates blood vessels. Helps in the production of red blood cells and is recommended to anemic persons.

It is useful for diabetics because it stimulates the function of the pancreas.

So we can conclude, tomato juice has a great list of medicinal properties.

If the tomato juice is used in medicinal purposes, the recommended daily dose is at least 2dl. The dose may be increased, especially in the cases of blood loss.

Finally, the information for all healthy people. Tomato juice refreshes and cleanses the body and removes odors.

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