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Treatment of Bradycardia With Natural Remedies

Treatment of bradycardiaTo speed up the treatment of bradycardia, include natural remedies in the complex of therapy, and which ones, you will learn in this article.

Bradycardia is a violation of the heart rate. This pathology is characterized by a slow and weak heartbeat, and when palpation a weak pulse is felt (30-55 beats per minute). So, let's talk, how to cope with this disease with the help of natural remedies.

Treatment of bradycardia with natural remedies and methods

The results of the analysis of the World Health Organization have shown that every year the number of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases is increasing. One of the often occurring such ailments is the bradycardia of the heart, i.e. disturbance of the rhythm of the heart. This disease is successfully treated with medications. But the popular methods tested by years also give a considerable result in the healing of the bradycardia.

1. Treatment of bradycardia with walnuts

500 g of walnut kernels are ground with a blender. In the grind 300 ml of sesame oil, 300 ml of sugar are added and all the ingredients are mixed. In any bowl put 4 cut lemon with peel, which are filled with boiling water. The lemon mixture is poured into the prepared nut mass, mixed and used for 1 tbsp, before eating three times a day.

2. Treatment of bradycardia with lemon and garlic

10 lemons are cut, poured with boiled water, infused for 5 minutes. After with lemons juice is squeezed out. 10 young garlic heads are crushed several times through a press. Then 1 l of candied honey of a new crop is combined with lemon juice and garlic mashed potatoes. The medicine is infused in a cool dark room for 10 days. Weight is used, carefully shaking up 4 tablespoons, before meals once a day.

3. Treatment of bradycardia with fennel seeds

500 ml of red wine, preferably Cahors, boiled for 15 minutes on moderate heat. Add 100 grams of dried dill seeds to the wine, which continues to boil for 10 minutes. After the broth cool, do not strain and stored in the refrigerator. The medicine, warmed up to a room temperature on 1 item of 30 minutes before meals three times a day.

4. Treatment of bradycardia with decoction of yarrow

15 g of dried yarrow pour 200 ml of boiled warm water. After all, boil for 20 minutes and insist a couple of hours. Take a decoction of 1 tbsp, three times a day, regardless of the meal.

5. Treatment of bradycardia with tincture of pine branches

70 g of fresh pine pine branches are filled with 300 g of medical alcohol, vodka or moonshine. The tincture is exposed to the sun for 10 days. It is used on 25 drops for half an hour before a meal three times a day.

6. Treatment of bradycardia with hawthorn

In 100 ml of pure alcohol put 12 g of dry crushed berries of hawthorn. The container is tightly closed and left for 10 days. Used tincture of 10 drops per 1 tbsp of cold water three times a day, regardless of the intake of food.

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