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Treatment of Gonarthrosis With Folk Remedies

Treatment of gonarthrosisTreatment of gonarthrosis (osteoarthritis of the knee) with folk remedies - read the text below.

No one thinks about what and how to stop pains in the knees, until the pain can be endured. However, when such a disease as gonarthrosis, accompanied by these unpleasant, and sometimes unbearable pains in the knee joints, concerns a particular person, he is ready to give much to cure his legs and not feel discomfort during walking.

In addition to medical care there is also a whole mass of folk methods used by people for many years. And, of course, there is a certain part of the population that trusts their knees with these recipes, but not everyone knows what they are. We are happy to provide to your court proven folk methods of treating gonarthrosis at home, and you will only have to choose the one that suits you. However, mention that it is not worthwhile to delay self-treatment, we simply must, since neglected cases of gonarthrosis can result in disability.

Traditional methods of treatment of gonarthrosis

1. Leaves of dandelion for gonarthrosis

This folk remedy can be used at any time of the year, only the leaves of dandelions need to be harvested for future use. Collect them in May. To do this, the top leaves will need to be thoroughly washed in boiled water, and then dried. Then they should be chewed daily, once a day. Chew should be until the moment when the leaves do not turn to the consistency of sour cream. Then spit the gruel.

In May, when dandelions blossom massively, the leaves are ripped off every day fresh. 3-4 a leaf for one day will be enough. In the winter season, take dried leaves, covered with hot water. Such leaves also need to be chewed once a day, and then spit. For the best effect - connect exercise therapy and go for foot walking, or walking on the spot. A day must pass at least 3 thousand steps.

2. Flowers of dandelion for gonarthrosis

And this part of the dandelion flower is used as an effective remedy against gonarthrosis. This will require a bottle of dark glass, flowers of this useful plant and triple cologne. Flowers fill half of the prepared bottle and pour cologne. Soak the tincture for one month. Then strain and discard the flowers. Store the tincture at room temperature in a dry place. It will be necessary to use only the solution itself. Rub the infusion with painful joints. Many suffering from gonarthrosis, relief from this remedy felt literally after 30 days of use. They usually rub their knees at night. For a faster effect, you can use the tincture 2 times a day and chew together the leaves of the dandelion.

3. Treatment of gonarthrosis with clay

A lot of positive reviews have this folk remedy for gonarthrosis. Especially he likes those people who have their own prejudices against taking medications. Some suffering pains in the knee joints came to this folk remedy after drug therapy did not bring the expected effects.

This method requires either red or blue clay. It should be diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream. It should be noted that for mixing it is necessary to take wooden spoons or scapula. Metal objects can not be used. Use clay as compresses.

Before use, the joint should be wiped with a damp cloth. Then put several spoons of the mixture on a cotton cloth. The clay layer should be approximately 2-2.5 cm. Apply the compress to the diseased knee, fix it and wrap it well. Leave the compress for 2 hours.

After that, the compress is removed and the clay is discarded. On top of the knee, rinse well with clay residues with warm water. This procedure is recommended several times a day, especially when there is a pronounced joint outflow. To improve the effect, you can drink clay water.

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