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Whey and liverWhey is rich with proteins, vitamins (B2, B6, B12, C, K), amino acids, enzymes, minerals (calcium, phosphorus potassium, magnesium), that preserve health state of the organism. Whey prevents demineralization of the organs and bones in organism as well as many other necessary materials for our body. Minerals support cells tonus and prevent from high blood pressure, stroke and infarct.

Whey proteins prevent from osteoporosis, regulate cholesterol, stop effect of dental plaque, increase muscle mass, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and the most important effect - whey regenerates the liver.

Whey and liver:
Whey is an excellent natural cure for liver. The liver is the biggest gland in the organism and the only internal organ than can be regenerated. Liver diseases can seriously cause the death and that is why it needs to be treated carefully during the whole lifetime. Every day, liver has many complex and important functions in our organism to keep stable our life and health condition.

- liver has the main role in food processing
- In the process of detoxification, liver protects us from adverse impact from toxins that we are exposed to

Chemically manufactured drugs burden our liver and it is recommended to use the whey during therapy, because whey regenerates the liver.

While the terapy for regeneration of the liver, it is recommended to drink whey every day in a longer period of time, in a quantity of 0.5-1l. Also you need to avoid fatty food, alcohol, cigarettes and many other toxic substances that can damage liver. To achieve fast and good treatment, it is recommended to take cheese regulary in nutrition, at the same time with the whey. The best way is to take it for breakfast, when the stomach is still empty.

The whey to lose weight:
Whey is also recommended in cases when person wants to lose weight because whey proteins speed this process and affect increasement of muscle mass. Beside all this, proteins from whey may develop feeling of fullness because they increase level of hormon which reduces appetite.


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